Gaming T Shirts and Mouse Pads

The eSport and gaming scene is evolving rapidly, and so the merchandise adapts to bring you the clients the latest and greatest in the gaming world. Looking to load out in style goSALT Studio has come up with some wicked looking gaming gear that is just a must buy for any CSGO player or gamer for that matter.


Being part of a ever growing technology savvy community the goSALT team compiled and bundled create branding solutions for any eSport Team, Player and individuals

eSport Team Web Designs

Impress your followers and fans with a great looking interactive / responsive web design that is focus on your brand, marketing and organization. Everything is custom develop to cover all aspects of the gaming industry requirements. Apart from a great website you will also impress potential sponsors making it easy for them to see potential and to get on board with your team and organization.

eSport Social Channel Setup

At goSALT Studio you can have all your Social channels setup fast and easy, they also provide the tools to easy manage social channels and all graphics are custom to make your brand flow in the social channels

Team Logo Design

Your logo is the most important branding item as this will help your fans to identify with your brand as well as open the door for some gear revenue ideas such as branded attire and gaming gear. Open revenue opportunities easy.

Individual player designs

Get your custom designed Avatar by SALT and stand out from the crowd.

Gaming Gear

Custom Branded Gaming T shirts

GOSALT Studio designs and manufactures some of the best looking gaming T shirts, load out in style T Shirts available from the GOSALT website


Custom Gaming Mouse Pads

Glide in style high quality rubber and PVC mousepad custom design by the goSALT Team: available direct from the goSAT website

Visit the GOSALT for detailed information on gaming solutions, gear and brand designs.

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