Small business SEO Johannesburg

Small business SEO or search engine optimization is nothing other than a business marketing strategy to promote a business, products, and services online by increasing the visibility of their website in the most popular search engines

Every website needs good SEO!

A beautiful website alone will not guarantee online success, therefore, planning the inclusion of a solid SEO strategy is crucial to ensure that your brand reaches your target audience. Thinking of the search providers, visibility is everything! With more than 200+ factors to index a page in Google, you need to make sure that your website ticks the most boxes possible to achieve great visibility. Why not consider a good SEO Strategy for your company website? Taking care of the required core platforms your visibility in the search engines will be fast-tracked.

Below a short overview of core services, we include ensuring that your business website attracts the correct audience and traffic.

Keywords TargetedSmall business SEO

Target up to 10 primary keywords (based on our analysis)
Also, target a few variations of each primary keyword
Includes local SEO for main products/services

Custom Sitemap Creation

Creation and optimization of sitemap file, which is like a roadmap for search engines telling them which pages should be indexed and the priority of each page.

Robots Text File

Creation and optimization of Robots.txt file which gives the search engines direction in terms of what files to index and which should not be indexed and ranked.

Keyword Analysis

Analysis of the most popular keywords used in your industry and the approximate number of times that keyword is searched for.

Competitor Analysis

We analyze who your competitors are in your industry, analyze their websites and identify their online marketing strategies and keywords used – in efforts to optimize your website accordingly.


Optimization of each page on your website as well as editing the HTML code of each page which assists in driving traffic and ranking well on search engines.

Optimization of primary and secondary keywords

Includes Internal link building i.e. linking the various pages to relevant content within your site.

Off-site Optimization

Seeking high traffic websites (preferably in your industry) and listing your website there. This assists in building credibility of your website (from a search engine perspective in terms of being relevant), driving traffic, increasing online brand reputation and ranking on search engines.

Website Analytics & Tools

Implementation of an Analytics component to analyze the performance of your website – to track where visitors are coming from, going to, and the reasons for their behavior on your website.

Other online tools will be implemented, when necessary i.e. if there is a huge drop-off on visitors when applying for your product on a certain step of the online application process.

Monthly SEO Reporting

We will send you monthly reports on your website performance on the various search engines. This will include your website visibility and shows you the actual rank of each keyword that is being targeted on the various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

For further information, you are welcome to contact us to discuss your (SEO / search engine optimization) Requirements and how we can assist you increase your visibility online and to maximize the conversion potential of your website

Start your SEO Website Journey with a free website analysis.

We provide you with a detailed report of how your website is performing and provide you with information to enhance your visibility. Learn more about our SEO Services or request more information on our small business SEO products by contacting us