Joomla & WordPress Website Security

Is your website at risk ?

Website security is important to ensure your information and users are safe. Security risks are high on websites if you have a few networking resources of financial value. Your website is not invisible from all kinds of users or robots, if your website is outdated or has vulnerabilities you endanger your site from being compromised. Having a reliable hosting company is a no brainer all your data gets stored on an high performance Apatchi server we ensure with regular updates that all your data is safe and website data is protected.

Content management systems release updates regularly to increase performance and patch vulnerabilities in their systems. It is important to have a firewall component for popular management systems like Joomla or WordPress on your website to minimize the risk of being comprised. We keep up to date with all the latest technologies in firewall components that works with Joomla web security and WordPress.

Active Scanner

Unleash a super active scanner that will identify file changes, spam and abusive hosts in real time or on demand

Track offenders

The system  identify and block users for spam, abusive or suspicious activity  in real time. This includes brute force attacks

Notification System

Stay informed in real time –  if your website experience any abusive behaviour you will be notified via email of the security status

Securing Your Website !

TJoomla Website Securityhousands of individuals and businesses alike opted to base their online brand and strategy on Joomla and WordPress. Integrating many components, modules and plugins to adapt the popular content management system to cover the scope of their online requirements and Joomla Website Security.

With that said a critical part of owning a Joomla or WordPress based website would be to maintain and upkeep on a regular bases apart from that we strongly recommend to fortify your Joomla based website with a professional security system.

  • Stay informed about the latest components, modules and plugins that become available
  • Ensure that your business information is always available
  • Fight spam and abusive hosts by blocking malicious I.P addresses

Why secure my website?

Active Website Scanner

With an active scanner that operates on demand you will be notified of any suspicious activity on your website also scan for any file permission changes, malicious code and unauthorised access attempts to your website control panel.

Keep track of attackers

With a built in log system you can easily manage which host must be black listed or white listed. The log includes a notification system that will email you with an overview of issue detailing a  specific level of threat ranging from low to critical.

Secure your Administrator Backend

With extra security you can password protect your administrator section of the website to cement your security for making any admin changes to the system.

Spam protection for forms

Secure your form security from spam take advantage of the Spamhaus XBL and SBL lists to check the form submitters IPs and block any form spamming or abusive behaviour.

Brute force attacks

Whilst not protect you can become victim to brute force attacks. A software programs that tries different combination of usernames and passwords to try and identify your login details, with our system you can stop such attacks from progressing by blocking abusive host I.P’s in real time.

Secure additional installations

Once your security protocol is integrated and setup you can select the option that will deny any installation of files or components not authorized.

Database check

Verify , test and repair database tables in real time, this security tool will scan and repair any database irregularities in real time

Keep up to date

By keeping your WordPress or Joomla installation, components, modules and plugins up to date is the first step in preventing unwanted spam, malicious attacks and abusive host from accessing your website, information and files.

Why You Need a SSL Certificate

The main objective of a SSL Certificate is to send information that is encrypted that only the recipient can understand or read, meaning other computers or servers the information travels to can not be intercepted or recovered on another computer or server. it is important to have a SSL Certificate especially if you own or are developing a Virtue Mart or Woo Commerce Shopping cart website to ensure your clients information is safe and cannot be intercepted by other computers or robots. The bonus of having a SSL Certificate it provides trust for your customers you find a green lock on the top of your browser which indicates that your website protects your information and sends it to the correct server or computer.

Website Defense Strategy

The best solution for your website to be safe is to have a hosting team that keeps your data secure and on optimum perfomance and checks your website for any warnings for Joomla and WordPress  Content management systems. At WDSCreative we are committed to safeguard your information using commercial components to scan and check your website for warnings or vulnerabilities on a regular basis. We also generate a report on all attempts that was trying to compromise your website and can even detect in which country the users are and take necessary steps to block all these users.

We also do the courtesy of checking for template updates for Joomla and WordPress and recommend keeping your website up to date with the latest Joomla and WordPress updates. This is important to keep your Joomla or WordPress Website from vulnerabilities but is also necessary to keep the website operational and all the aspects of your website is performing and runs smoothly.