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Joomla migration made easy! With web development technology evolving it is inevitable that the technology that your website was built with will become redundant or out dated. Focused on the Joomla content management system updating is critical to the heath of your website and functionality there of.

Should I update my Joomla system?

Joomla Migration ServicesYou should consider updating your website frequently to stay up to date with your core installation of the Joomla management system simply for functionality and security reasons. However, if you rely on your website as a part of your income stream it would be recommended to stay up to date as any downtime translates into loss of income.

Over the years, Joomla has become a very popular open source system that you can rapidly deploy sophisticated websites with that said Joomla releases two types of updates, one milestone updates that are usually a leap from the older versions and then the small bug fix and security updates that gets immediate attention.

If your website is based on Joomla version 1, 1,5 or 2.5 your website is vulnerable to malicious attacks and is in general a security risk for your business data and online reputation. Looking at the way the Joomla infrastructure works changes are good that your website was deployed with free, custom and commercial components to enhance the functionality of your website. This complicates any update or migration as you need to consider all the factors before updating.

Being part of the Joomla community from 2006 we are confident that we can migrate your website without the loss of data as well as functionality in some cases we will only migrate the data and not the core system to ensure that your updated website will function at 100%.

We have also successfully migrated Jomsocial, VirtueMart, K2 components with all info and user data intact. Should your system be outdated chat to us about a solution that is right for your website. We ensure that your business information and data is always available to your potential customers. For a free assessment contact us. WDS Creative Joomla migration services.

Joomla Migration Services
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Wordpress Migration Services

If your website is based on the popular WordPress system no problem, we are here to assist you! Follow the link to learn more about our WordPress Migration Services. You can also visit our friends at Joomla South Africa for more details on all Joomla related information, downloads and content