Web Design trends 2019

Focused on Web Design Trends 2019

At WDS Creative we believe that having a good web design is one of the core requirements of promoting your business online. If you are not having a website, you are losing a substantial number of potential customers it is estimated that 70 % of people search for products and services with their smartphones.

Since 2018 was a year that mobile user had a significant increase to desktop browsers, however, desktops will still stay relevant as technology advances throughout 2018. Let’s look at the web design trends 2018.

Interactive content

Web developers are getting more and more advanced as the technologies come available developers are finding unique ways of animating your content to give a cool effect like fading in while your scroll to newer content.

The transitional phase of web design is a great addition to transmitting your content in a stylish manner.

Custom Integration’s

With technology becoming more available to web developers integrating software that suits the client’s business model, for example integrating payment gateways like Payfast, Paygate and Payu is a prime example of how you can receive revenue.

That’s not all you can even integrate social media into your website making it easy for your users to access your information on Facebook or Twitter.

Beautiful Templates of 2019

At WDS Creative we want our clients to have the latest trending website designs to maximize their impact online. All the templates we use are mobile responsive this will only broaden your presence online when it comes to marketing. Our templates integrate with the latest technologies which ensure that all the latest components your business model might require.

Our design team also understands that a business requires the best look and feel for Their business we always pay attention to detail when it comes to our client’s branding. Here are some of the websites we built with the latest templates.

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