Joomla website security Johannesburg

Joomla website security Johannesburg, With the demand for new ways to keep in touch with your customers online more and more businesses, are opting in for an interactive website that provides potential and existing clients with the tools to interact and communicate with you directly from your business website.

Looking specifically at Joomla, thousands of developer’s code custom components, modules, and plugins that provide extended functionality to the core Joomla system. Making it possible to provide tools and system to simplify communication however also provide unwanted hosts and malicious attackers the same platform.

The bulk of security vulnerabilities are from outdated content management systems, components, modules, and plugins. Here is what you can do as a website owner to ensure that your data is safe and your information available to your potential clients

If you are using Joomla as a website management system

  • Make sure that your Joomla installation is up to date with the latest version (Current 3.4.8)
  • Make sure that all your components are up to date with the latest version
  • Make sure that you have a strong password for your administrator panel
  • Make sure that your username name is other than admin.

Taking your (Joomla website security Johannesburg( to the next level

As a web development studio, we take care of developing our websites with the latest available components however once the website is live and the development phase has expired it becomes the website owner’s responsibility to look after the website and integrity of their online presence.

With said we believe that every preventative measure needs to be in place to ensure that your website is safe to use by your potential clients and securely protecting your data. We offer a comprehensive suite that will not only protect your website integrity but notify you of any suspicious activity on your website.

SQL, XSS and LFI filters

Increase the security level of your website, verify uploaded files (extensions, multiple extensions, banned extensions, and malware patterns).

Brute-force attacks

Protecting your account credentials (Administrator Panel) from automated programs or coded scripts is essential. Their scripts can test for various combinations of users and passwords with the main objective to access your account.

To prevent this abusive behavior once a suspicious activity is identified a captcha image is introduced, should this not be enough the user IP address can be automatically be banned.

Joomla website security Johannesburg

Active Real-time scanner

Check your system integrity in real time with an active scanner that checks file permissions, any changes file structure and overall helps you identify security vulnerabilities in your system.

Track and block abusive users

With a complete log system, you can easily track abusive or suspicious activities, once an abusive host is identified you can add the users to a blacklist that will automatically block the user from your website and data.

Get notified via email.

Our system will notify you of specific levels of events, stay in line with your website’s health. With many other features, you can rest assured that your website is secure and safe to use.

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